The original club met in the skittle alley of the Pier Hotel and then only in the summer months

. In 1972, they moved into part of the old Seamen’s Bethel where the club, as we now know it, was born. A great deal of hard work by the members resulted in a major refurbishment in 1992 with some extensive in-character building giving rise to the present facilities. The patio is the ideal place to enjoy refreshments and spectacular views across the channel, while the lounge provides unrivalled views across the harbour, and there’s always a warm welcome at the club bar which is open almost every day of the year (exceptions are Christmas holiday and New years day).

The Ilfracombe Yacht Club is justly proud of its reputation within the Bristol Channel Yachting Conference as one of the most friendly yacht clubs in the Bristol Channel. Ilfracombe Yacht Club is always pleased to welcome visiting yachts and provides a lounge, changing rooms for men and women, toilets and showers. The bar is open every night and there’s normally somebody around to offer help or assistance.






In order to ensure that all information which you have given to us for using in communication with you, complies fully with the above Act, we have taken the following steps:-

  1. Considered what data we hold about you (and your family if applicable), and who has access to it?
  2. Considered how is it up-dated, how regularly it is up-dated, how long we hold it for?
  3. Considered what we do with the data
  4. Considered the security of data: where do we hold the data, what data do we encrypt, is it password protected?
  5. Do we have permissions from our members to use the data?

At the Ilfracombe Yacht Club, since the inception of the General Data Protection Act 2018, we no longer use the previous 1998 Act. The following information complies fully with the 2018 Act.

By Members giving us their personal contact information about themselves, their family, their boat/s, Members are considered to have given us their authority to store and use this information in relation to the daily running of the Ilfracombe Yacht Club and using it to contact our Members when required to inform them of upcoming Events, Newsletters, and Changes to Membership Conditions/Rules.

Members of the Club are free at any time to withdraw their consent for our usage of their personal details at any time by writing to the Club Secretary.

The Personal Data which we hold regarding Members will be destroyed if the Member leaves the Club

The Personal Data which we hold regarding Members is stored on a password protected computer, accessible only to the Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary of the Club and the Club Steward.

Should you wish to have more information about the General Data Protection Act 2018, full documentation may be found at:-

For and on behalf of The Ilfracombe Yacht Club
Sandy Peace – Honorary Secretary