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Sept 16th & 17th 2006, the last trip of the season. Yachts: Shamara. Jemima. Elianne. Patron.
Cream Tea, a bit Wild on the way home, wind 30kn.



August 21st to 23rd 2006 Cardiff



Yachts. Sea Pearl. Elianne.


Aug. 6th to 11th 2006.



I.Y.C. Cruse to Pembrock Castle and up the River Cleddau.
Yachts. November Fox. Sea Pearl. Elianne. Samantha.Widggen. Shamara.


21st & 22nd July 2006



Oxwich Bay. Sunset. and walking at the Castle



July 15th & 16th 2006

I.Y.C. cruse to Clovelly.
Yachts. Jemima. Korinda. Elianne. Shamara. Wiggen.


1st November, Clovelly Rum Race.

Yachts, Western Bird Line Oners. ON Handicap. 1st November Fox. 2nd Jemima. 3rd Elianne. Sea Pearl. Peter.
One of the best fun weekends of the Racing Season.



July 3rd-6th Padstow



And a Rare, trip into Port Isaac. Yachts Korinda. Elianne.