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In 2005, a series of events were organized right across the United Kingdom as part of the Sea Britain theme to mark the bicentenary of Nelson's famous and decisive naval battle at Trafalgar on 21 st October, 1805.

There was the spectacle of the biggest Fleet Review in modern times in the Solent, inspected by Her Majesty The Queen. Included in the 167 naval ships from over 30 countries were no fewer than 6 aircraft carriers!

News of the magnificent victory at Trafalgar, and of Nelson's death, was relayed to Falmouth by Lt. Lapenotiere in HMS Pickle, thence by post chaise to the Admiralty in London. Recent research by historians has revealed that Lt. Lapenotiere originally hailed from Ilfracombe, having spent his formative years in the town!

Ilfracombe Yacht Club wanted to play its part in the Sea Britain festivities, and following a conversation with Ilfracombe Harbour Master Lt Com. Rob Lawson, it was decided to establish an annual Round Lundy Race with the Trafalgar Cup presented for the overall winner. The support, advice and encouragement received from Sir Robin Knox Johnson confirmed that this would be an exciting and challenging course for yachtsmen to complete. Given the distance involved, the prevailing winds and the strong tidal flows around the island, the Round Lundy Race immediately caught the attention of the Bristol Channel sailing community, with entrants coming from many ports up and down the Channel.

Now in its 13th year, the 2018 Race will be held on Saturday 30th June, and a vigorous and exhilarating day's sailing is anticipated. The registration of the yachts will be start in January. Its popularity means that places are limited….will you be joining us on the starting line?…..


2018 Lundy Race Saturday 30th June

2018 Registration and Entry

2018 Notice of Race

2018 Sailing Instructions


2017 Results

CLASS 3                       BOAT             SKIPPER                       CORRECTED TIME
1ST IN CLASS          SOLITAIRE             NICK ADAMS                6hrs 49 mins 54 sec
2ND IN CLASS         WHITE SPIRIT        DAVID RANDELL           6 hrs 53 min 51 sec     
3RD IN CLASS         SKIPJACK MOON     STEVE FRADGLEY          7 hrs 01 min 10 sec
1ST IN CLASS         LUNASEA               NICK NIKLASSON          6hrs 45 min 27 sec
2ND IN CLASS         BEAM ENDS           ERIC EVANS                 7hrs 02 min 15 sec
3RD IN CLASS         SHAMARA              GUS DAVIES                 7 hrs 05 min 31 sec

CLASS 1               
1ST IN CLASS         GWEN 3                IAN BURGESS               7 hrs 05 min 18 sec
2ND IN CLASS        RAINSONG            JOHN PRIDDLE                     7 hrs 06 min 28 sec
3RD IN CLASS         ALLAMANDA II        LEONARDO MAROTTA    7 hrs 07 min 27 sec



Lundy results


Lundy 2015 Winners
Yacht Corrected Time Position
Class 3 Skipjack Moon 8hrs 25m 42s 3rd
White Spirit 8hrs 04m 24s 2nd
Barracuda 7hrs 52m 10s 1st
Class 2 Moontide 8hrs 24m 25s 3rd
Chaser 8hrs 18m 57s 2nd
Strumpet 8hrs 16m 25s 1st
Class 1 Heoligan 8hrs 49m 12s 3rd
Hero 8hrs 47m 17s 2nd
Dark Angel 7hrs 52m 39s 1st
The overall winner is  Barracuda
2nd overall is  Dark Angel
3rd overall is  White Spirit
1st Ilfracombe Yacht across the line on handicap Mason Trophy Winner Skipjack Moon


2014 Lundy Race results

Lundy 2014 Winners
Yacht Corrected Time Position
Class 3
BARRACUDA 10-31-14 2nd
WHITE SPIRIT 10-26-49 1st
Class 2
PURE CHEMISTRY 10:08:16 3rd
MOONTIDE 10-00-21 2nd
ZEPHYRUS 09-51-44 1st
Class 1
MERCURY 09-59-10 3rd
ROCKER 09-56-42 2nd
HEOLIGAN 09-46-50 1st
The overall winner is HEOLIGAN from class 1
2nd overall is ZEPHYRUS from class 2
3rd overall is ROCKER from class 1
Winner of the Mason Trophy 1st Ilfracombe yacht on handicap ZEPHYRUS


Lundy 2013 Winners
Yacht Corrected Time Position
Class 3
WAYFARER 09.42.59 3rd
WHITE SPIRIT 09.30.52 2nd
SKIPJACK MOON 09.26.21 1st
Class 2
MOONTIDE 09.03.42 3rd
PURE CHEMISTRY 09.01.34 2nd
HIDDEN SECRET 08.32.10 1st
Class 1
BLUE JAY 09.22.55 equal 2nd
DARK ANGEL 09.22.55 equal 2nd
HEOLIGAN 08.39.14 1st
The Mason Trophy for the first Ilfracombe boat was won by Peter T 2
The overall winner is Hidden Secret from class 2
2nd overall is Heoligan from class 1
3rd overall is Pure Chemistry from class 2


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