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Affiliated to the  Royal Yachting Association
And  a Member of The Bristol Channel Yachting Conference.

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                          Affiliated to the Royal Yachting Association, Member of the Bristol Channel Yachting Conference
Text Box: I would like to welcome you to our first newsletter of 2017 and hope you will find some information of interest to you all.   Firstly, I would like to introduce myself, as many of you are aware I am your 1st Lady Commodore for many years, your 1st Lady Commodore was Ann Clemence in 1984/85 so I have a lot to live up to but with your help, I am sure I will find this year interesting.  May I add, I feel very honoured to have been asked to stand, as such.  Can I start by saying that this is YOUR Club, you and the members make the Ilfracombe Yacht Club what it is.  I look forward to meeting with you at some of the events that our hardworking Social Committee under Bobby’s leadership “Bobby’s Girls” if I’m allowed to be sexist, and helpers organise during the year.  Without their hard work and dedication we would not be able to enjoy all the Social Events that I am sure many of you attend.  I would like to also thank the members of the General Committee, our Secretary and Treasurer for the time that they also put in to keep the Club functioning and a special thanks to Gus (Boson), our hard working Maintenance Man who puts in a lot of time behind the scene to keep the Club looking spick and span and last but not least, our Steward (Maxine) who is the face of the Yacht Club with the help of Tracey and Jan.     During the course of my year, I hope to be able to meet with you all but if there are any matters that you would like to bring to my attention, suggestions, grievences, etc., please feel free to contact me either via the Yacht Club or if you prefer direct by email details of which you will find below.  Can I remind you that the correct procedure for such things is either via myself, or a Committee Member.  In closing may I wish you all a busy summer, like myself many of you lead busy lives, but please feel free to enjoy the Facilities when you can in our Friendly Club.      June x  *** HAPPY SAILING ***                                CASC REGISTERED.  SPONSERED BY NORTH DEVON COUNCIL

Text Box: LADIES SKITTLES  SAILORS GIRLS – that’s us.  (There was talk of calling the team Sailors Oars, but for obvious reasons, this was abandoned!)  Skittles, it’s a funny old game – one week you can be top scorer and the next you can do nothing right!  Apparently, there is a skill to it, but after playing the game for at least 30 years or so, I’ve yet to discover quite what it is!  IYC Ladies started playing as a team before we had an alley, using the Pier and then the Ship & Pilot.  It was quite something to have our own alley in the refurbished Yacht Club.  Judy Cavanagh was the Captain then and stayed that way for many years until illness took her from us.  I took over as Captain as a “stop-gap” and am still doing it!         …/…                                                                                                                             ……/…Text Box:                   S O C I A L   S I D E             This year has been, as usual, quite a busy one socially with a varied program of events – some well received and others, well ……… could be better I guess!  We aim to please, but of course not everything suits everybody.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the cooks, helpers, servers and general hands on, who have stepped up and offered their services throughout the year.  Where would I be (and the Club) without you – you never fail to amaze me with what you come up with- sometimes at very short notice!  Your help is so appreciated – thanks!  We have a fairly dull diary of events coming up, but as always, we are open to ideas on other functions.  We can usually fit in Birthdays, games nights, barbecues, skittle matches, in fact almost anything legal…!  Please give IYC a thought if you are planning such an event.  As members it costs nothing in the way of ‘room hire’.  You can host your event and cater yourself if you like, or we can do it for you.  I often ask for help with the making of food for certain functions and you will be reimbursed costs in this instance.  I do have social meetings every so often and anyone can attend these.  One thing I must ask, and this is mainly for the email receiver, please share any updates from the Club with your other half!  Also, please check the notice board as things do pop up with little notice.  Updates are so important to the running and success of the Club and are for all members, not just the email receiver! (nag over!!)  The Lundy race is fast approaching (May 29th) and help is always needed on the day and before.  If you’re not in the race and can spare some time, please leave your name and contact number at the Club – not just catering jobs available…..!!  Friday night 6 for 6 still proves to be very popular and is a great meeting place.  Thank you for also supporting the Bonus Ball Draw.    SEE YOU AT THE BAR – I MUST BE DUE TO WIN…..!      Bobby x
Text Box: Cont….  We have good seasons and we have not so good seasons, but we always see the funny side of this silly game!  At present we languish about mid-way in the 3rd division – our comfort zone I suspect and one that we’re fairly happy with (they get sooo serious in the 2nd and 1st divisions!)  Anyway, I do have a space for a new player (ability not important) so anyone who is prepared to give up a Thursday night’s TV and would like to join us, please get in touch!  The season starts in early September but I have to sign the team on before that.  It’s a bit of a giggle and not too serious, although it’s always nice when we do win!   Bobby X (Team Captain, Social Sec., washer-up, waitress, etc!!)           Bobby X (Team Captain, Social Sec., washer-up, waitress, etc!!)

J O B   V A C A N C I E S

 Text Box: CONTACTS  JUNE WILLIAMS – Commodore  JAN PARKIN – Club Secretary   MAXINE HART – Club Steward  Telephone IYC on 01271 863969  SUE RAWLE – Vice Commodore  VALARIE BELL - Treasurer  GUS (BOSUN) DAVIES - MaintenanceText Box: SUMMER  OPENING HOURS FROM   1ST JUNE 2017  MONDAY – FRIDAY  4PM ONWARDS  SATURDAY – SUNDAY & BANK HOLIDAYS  1PM ONWARDS