"There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. - Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows

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So what’s this all about?


A group of members of Ilfracombe Yacht Club wanted to encourage young people out on the water to

go dinghy sailing.


So with the a successful application to Sport England for £10,000  Y-Sail  became a reality, this enabled the purchase of the first dinghies.


The opportunity to try a new sport  for the first time is often all a person needs to catch that sporting bug. The “Y-Sail” project is a great way for young people to try sailing and this project sets out to offer people a quality sporting experience that will encourage them and their family’s to stay involved.


Who else is involved?


Y-Sail help comes from many members of the local community, Rob Lawson – Ilfracombe Harbour Master, Ilfracombe RNLI plus sailings National Governing Body the RYA, all contributing freely with the aim of raising the profile of this project.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to be a part of the activity.

We even have one of sailings highest profile individuals supporting the project and a member – Steve White.

Steve is a member of the sailing elite - one of the few people to have sailed single handed around the world in the Vendee Globe Challenge.


Can anyone have a go.


Yes, this project is aimed at young people and all they need is a signed permission slip from

their parents, to have a go.


My parents are not here today, can I still have a go?


Unfortunately no, we do need the form signed for parental permission.

We run taster sessions, and these will be advertised through club e mail and web site info..


Can adults learn to dingy sail as well?


Yes!. The main focus is towards the young people, but the Y-SAIL project is intended to benefit the wider community including adults.


Would I need my own equipment, such as wetsuit and life jacket?


We have a selection of buoyancy aids and wetsuits available for initial use, however if you take to it, most people prefer to have their own equipment.


How much Does all This Cost?




New participants will be given one of each session as a free trial.


Members  will be expected to  attend the dry sailing instruction before

making use the wet sailing facilities.


OK - I’m interested, where do I find out more?


Just turn up on a Wednesday night and ask for Chris or Dave. If the weather good we will be sailing if its bad we will be in the Yacht Club learning.


I don’t want to sail - but I want to support this great project, how can I help?


Obviously this is run by volunteers and funded by donations, so whether you can help teach sailing, help out with transporting dinghy’s, run a support boat or just make a good cup of tea, you are very welcome. Just come along and have a chat.


Founded 10th September 2011

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