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Supervision of Children during Events & Training.


Any child wishing to take part in these sessions can do so provided:


They have the permission of their parent/guardian.


A designated adult is present (close by or in the club sailing area) throughout.


If adequate parental supervision (Helpers) is not available then we may refuse participation and cancel the event.



Supervision of Children under 12 at Training Racing & Events.


The club would expect a child under 12 years old to be closely supervised by a designated adult.


A child under ten should not be left alone on the during events whilst their designated adult goes sailing and if a child under ten is sailing then their designated adult should either be nearby or on the shore monitoring their progress.


Designated adults of children over 12 years old should not assume they do not require the same level of supervision and must decide what supervision is appropriate based on the child’s experience health and the weather conditions.


Club instructors and coaches may be able to advise on a child’s sailing ability but the responsibility for deciding on the level of supervision rests solely with the designated adult.



Be Safe Afloat.


Lifejackets are essential and should be worn by everyone aboard so buoyancy must be worn at all times. They could ensure your survival, but only if worn!


Ware a sets of warm and protective clothing including sunglasses and a hat.


Safety Boat Cover.


Safety boats provide escort and assistance. Their primary concern is the personal safety of members and this will not be compromised in order to retrieve boats or property. Club members should co-operate with the safety boat crew and respect their recommendations.


Buoyancy must be worn at all times.


The kill cord must be worn at all times when the engine is running.


The engine must be stopped when working closely with a person in the water.


All safety boats will carry a VHF radio and tuned to channel 37


The Instructors.


The Instructors can stop any member sailing at any time.


The Instructors will decide which member will sail which boat.


The Instructor will carry a VHF radio and will be tuned to channel 37



Beach Safety Control.


Beach Safety will carry a VHF radio tuned to Channel 37.


No members can sail unless a safety boat is on the water and a buoyancy aids are worn,


Beach Safety Control will decide when safe to launch boats.




Above all everyone is responsible for their own safety and the safety of everyone around them.

If it don't look right then ask no mater how small you may think it is.



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