Yachting and sailing have long been among the most enjoyable water-racing events. Especially with those looking for adventurous and lengthy-time races, it’s become popular among gamblers around the world to bet on. Other than yachting and sailing, there are many more races to follow and to bet on.

Some of the most exciting racing events watched online and on television have been Hydroplane racing and yachting races around the world. This provides a new-found type of racing for bettors to enjoy.

These are some of the most popular water races that are used for betting.

Yachting and Sailing

Yachting and sailing races are extremely exciting to watch and even more thrilling to bet on. Some of the most popular races that are being bet on include the Round the Island Race and Cowe’s week. For a chance to bet on yacht race championships and events, try BetTarget UK out.

Hydroplane Racing

Hydroplane powerboat racing involves high-speed races making it the perfect event to bet on by those who are constantly looking for exciting and thrilling sports. From lower horsepower hydroplanes to Grand Prix supercharged V8 hydroplanes, there are various events and championships to bet on.


Rowing is frequently bet on by fans of watersports. Rowboat races are extremely competitive as it’s all about human strength, teamwork, and the endurance of the participants. Rowing Championships are among the most popular water sports and can be watched live on various channels.

These types of races are among the most competitive among watersports fans to bet on and provide a way of exploring boating through a completely different type of experience than watching races on television.

Betting has become a more popular means of entertainment in many markets and is growing in popularity around the world. By using reputable online sportsbooks such as BetTarget, sports betting can be exciting, fun, and safe.