Ilfracombe Yacht Club Blog is dedicated to the love and passion that exists throughout the UK with yacht owners and club members. The UK has some of the most famous yacht clubs and provides a way for the members to share their love for boats with each other and socialize with events, races, and gatherings.

We provide details on upcoming races and events that are taking place throughout the UK, where to attend, and what to expect from them. This blog is dedicated to everyone who wants to stay up to date on all the latest news about yachting and sailing in the UK.

Yacht Clubs

Throughout the UK, there are many yacht clubs providing members with the chance to use the facilities and promotions for various events and races. Some yacht clubs also host their own events, which can be a great chance for new members to experience yacht and sailing activities like never before. Find out all about the most well-known yacht clubs situated in the UK and what to expect from joining them as a member.

Sailing And Events

Sailing and Events take place throughout the year in the UK, with many different classes of amateur and professional sailors competing against each other. With some world-famous yacht races being based in the UK, such as the races taking place on the Isle of Wight, there are endless possibilities to experience yachting and sailing like never before.

Equipment and Skills

With equipment and skills extremely important in owning a yacht, joining a club, and working on yachts in the UK, we cover all the most important topics around skills and equipment. The necessary skill needed to work on yachts have been changed on a regular basis to stay up to date with the necessary changes in safety requirements and technology.

For essential details into the world of yachting and how to become part of the most established and celebrated yacht clubs in the UK, visit the Ilfracombe Yacht Club Blog on a regular basis.