The UK is home to some of the most celebrated yacht clubs in the world that are taking part in yacht and sailing races. Yacht racing is one of the most entertaining watersports to witness by fans of sports and brings some of the most exciting aspects of yachting to the attention of boat lovers.

These are some of the yacht and sailing races taking place in the UK.

Cowes Week –  Isle of Wight – 30 to 6 August

Cowes Week sees the UK’s biggest regatta taking place and stands as the longest-running regatta in the world. With more than forty races taking place in the week, it stands as an extremely thrilling, exciting and competitive event to witness. By attending this world-famous yacht racing event, people have the chance to experience one of the most exciting yacht racing experiences in the world.

This 7-day sailing regatta is set to be one for the records in 2022, with the chance of non-sailors also being able to join in on the fun and thrilling race.

BDA Southwest Championships – Cornwall – 3 to 4 July

The Royal Cornwall Yacht Club host the BDA Southwest Championships. The event sees two days of yacht racing. Many people join the championships for the chance to get a practice session in the Falmouth conditions just before the Dragon nationals. With The Cornwall Yacht Club itself being a legendary destination on a 17th-century private quayside, this is an exquisite experience for anybody with a passion for boats.

The UK Southwestern Championship, Salcombe YC, Devon – 10 September

The UK Southwestern Championship sees yet another challenging race taking place on the same course for an enchanting weekend. This is a sailing race which tests each person’s capabilities in the challenging waters of Salacombe’s ria valley with tricky tides, swirling breezes, and lengthy sailing duration.

Together with the racing event, there are many other aspects to look forward to, such as the social dinner at the SYC On Saturday evening and the chance to meet fellow passionate sailors residing in the UK.

Round the Island Race – Isle of Wight – 25 June

The Round, the Island Race, attracts over 1700 yachts and nearly 16000 sailors each year and is seen as one of the most exciting yacht races taking place in the UK. The race spans over 50 miles around the Isle Of Wight and has amateurs and professionals competing against each other. People can join the race as sailors or as crew members to experience the thrill for themselves.

These races are among the most challenging and most competitive events in yachting and sailing. Whether wanting to watch the event unfold or wanting to take part as a competing sailor, these events stand as some of the most celebrated yacht and sailing races in the UK and internationally.