Yacht racing and sailing have slowly become a sport that is enjoyed by many people around the world and stands as a unique type of race to follow. Many of these races span over a couple of months, providing a long duration of following an event. Together with the popularity growth, gamblers have also been enjoying the events as it adds a different experience to betting.

These are some of the different betting methods for yacht races, such as the Clipper Round the World.


Winner bets are among the most used types of betting in yacht races and sailing. It works simply by betting on the exact sailor and crew you think will be winning. When considering betting on the yacht races that take over a couple of months to complete, there are different winner bets you can use.


Placing is a way of betting on a crew or sailor you think will be ending within the last three places. It’s an extremely easy bet to use as the certain place that is going to be achieved does not need to be specified.

Outright Bets

Outright bets are found in a variety of different forms and might include betting on the winner ‘same as winner bet’ and other times it might be for betting on smaller happenings within a race such as betting on where a sailor might be at a certain timeframe in the race.

Head to Head Bets

If there is one ship you believe stands a big chance and one you think will lose, this is a great bet to be using. Here you will pair 2 boats against each other and choose which one you think will be doing better in the race.

By registering and using a BetTarget login, players can bet on various sports, including yacht races and sailing. With these bets in mind, it is also advisable to bet responsibly.