Finding the perfect yacht club to join for sailing or cruising gives many options throughout the UK. Depending on whether you are looking to join races, want to socialize, or just cruise, some clubs might be better options than others, but mostly all these clubs are highly rated in all those regards.

Consider these Yacht Clubs when looking to become a member.

Royal Southern Yacht Club – Hamble River, Southampton

The Royal Southern Yacht Club was established in 1837 and is located on the fringes of Hamble River in Southampton. Members of the club have access to the clubs’ facilities and benefits on and off the water. They host and attend racing events frequently as well as golfing pigeon shooting, and other outdoor societies going with their activities.

Royal Thames Yacht Club –

The Royal Thames Yacht Club is the UK’s oldest running yacht club. Situated in London and overlooking Hyde Park, it is one of the most beautiful destinations for any passionate yacht owner to visit. They are one of the most well-known yacht clubs to participate in racing and cruising events not only in the UK but internationally.

Royal Cornwall Yacht Club – Greenbank, Falmouth

Royal Cornwall Yacht Club is situated on Greenbank, Falmouth and was established in 1871, making it the 15th oldest ‘royal’ yacht club in England. The clubhouse itself can be dated back to the 17th, making the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club a legendary club. The club is well known for hosting its own racing competition and events and for being the founding club of ‘The Owl’s Log’, a sailing log book which dates back before world war one.

Brighton Marina Yacht Club – Western Concourse, Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina Yacht Club was founded in 1978 and stood as a non-profit organization that is part of the Premier Marinas community. The club has many events taking place throughout the year and has a reputation for its participation in yacht racing events happening throughout the UK. One of the friendliest and warmest yacht clubs for visitors who just want to have a peek at the clubhouse.

Orwell Yacht Club – Ostrich Creek, Orwell

Orwell Yacht Club was established in 1918 and stood as a member’s exclusive club. During spring and autumn, the club is constantly running parties for members to socialize and meet other members. The club is situated in a two-story building with a lounge, bar, and dance floor. The club has over 500 members making it a remarkable yacht club to join for those with a passion for yachts and sailing.

These Yacht Clubs on this list provide a great chance for those who love the open waters to socialize and take part in cruising and sailing activities with fellow sailors with a passion for the waters. Join any of the clubs on this list for the ultimate experience in yachting.