Some of the most important aspects regarding yachting can be read by following the magazine and blogs on this list.

Yachting World –

Yachting world is a yacht racing, and sailing news magazine with a large focus on providing only the biggest act races was facts and details. They post up to 7 articles each week and are based in London.

Yachting and Boating World Magazine –

Yachting and Boating World is based in London and releases up to 1 article each week on yachting and sailing. The magazine brings all the UK’s best news and information about motor boats and more. They have a special focus on covering racing and boating events as well as providing practical advice on boating.

Yachting Monthly –

Yachting Monthly is one of the most well-known blogs about yachting and sailing in the UK. The blog posts up to two articles each week and is dedicated to providing its readers with the latest yacht news, blogs, boat articles, and gear reviews. Based in London, this blog has a special focus on all that makes yachting special in the UK.

Luxury Yacht Charters /

The Luxury Yacht Charter is based in London and posts up to 6 articles each week on yachts and dialling. The company itself is a charter that takes people out into the ocean to experience yachting for the first time. The blog provides interesting and thoughtful details and information on yachting and sailing in the UK, as well as news around yachting clubs. Read the blog or rent a for your next vacation. Luxury Yacht Charters is here to help.

Interesting Sailboats – interestingsailboats.blogspot

This blog is written by an architect who believes in the interior concepts associated with creating a comfortable yacht4 experience. The blogger is also a sailor and puts effort into rig, hull, rudder, and keel articles. With a vast knowledge of Naval Architecture, the blogger provides interesting details and informative information to his readers to understand all the design elements that make an interesting and special yacht.

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